Casa de Flamenco - Arts and Cultural Centre in the South

   Photography by Sophie Abbott and Nicole Russell

:: Professional Performances ::

Chispa Flamenca is an Adelaide based flamenco performance group dedicated to presenting high quality authentic flamenco, with guitarist Aloysius Leeson and dancer Kristy Manuel.

New location - we are now holding all our dance, guitar and yoga classes at the Seacliff Uniting Church Hall, on the corner of Wheatland Street and Acacia Street, Seacliff.

:: Offering classes in ::

Flamenco dance
Spanish language

when you get it right for just a moment, it feels like you've been transported into a dream world -the world of gypsies and Don Quixote, of rolling 'rrrrrrs' and fingers bouncing along guitar strings, as ladies with flowers in their hair, clap their hands and stamp their feet, and garlic wavers through the salty air.

- Justine Kelly

     ph: 0432 074 849 email:
7 Wheatland Street (cnr Acacia Street), Seacliff Adelaide South Australia 5049